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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Gibson mini splits

We have installed several brands of mini splits from high end LG to cheap Tiyo systems. We get a lot of DYI customers who call and ask if we can come out and help with a mini split install that they tried to install but can't seems to get it running.  What we find out most of the time is the low end Chinese brand usually come empty on charge or have issues with the controllers. We have been a strong supporter of the LG brand. But when our Frigidaire distributor came to us and offered us the Gibson line at a more reasonable price we decided to give them a try. We installed a 22 seer 1.5 ton unit to a guest house and the installation went smoothly.  I like how the air handler has the temperature on the center of the unit.  The LG and several other brands don't have that option. The out door unit was extremely quite and looked nice.  Overall I would give the Gibson unit a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it over the LG and other brands in the market.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Today's maintenance included landscaping and pest control service

Today we did a summer maintenance in Buckeye in the beautiful Verrado community which was nice because it was just a hop and jump down the street from our office.  I logged onto my iPad and looked over the work order.  Homeowner notes says that he has owned the home for 5 years and has never had the systems maintenance.  He also notes that his electrical bills have increased over the years and he changes his filters every 30 days.  So far this maintenance sounds like a normal typical maintenance.  Man was I totally wrong!!  I introduced myself to the homeowner and asked him some typical questions and things were going good until I asked him where the outdoor units were located. He replied back with a loud laugh and said they are on the east side of house and you might need to trim some branches to get to them. I didn't quite understand his response until I opened the gate to the side yard. Trim some branches was an understatement.
I have seen tons of weird things in the field but an A/C unit with a tree growing through and around it was a first. At first glance you can't even tell there are 2 condenser back there.  I went ahead and put some gloves on and spent the next hour or more trimming and pulling weeds.  After the trees and weeds we gone and I had a nice pathway to condenser I was able to wash the outdoor coils that were saturated with leaves.  3 hrs later I was finally done with the maintenance and ready for lunch. The homeowner was amazed that I not only trimmed the tree growing on the unit but that I trimmed all the trees and weeds and put them in the trash.  I reminded him the the condensing unit needs air to breath and can't be covered with trees or weeds.  This was the cause of his increasing electrical bills.
Unit full of spider webs and tons of leaves
Yes that is a scorpion on the coil. One of many I found

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Frigidaire 15 seer E-series heat pump condenser

This year the Frigidaire HVAC brand has been are top seller.  It has a great 10 year warranty and with over 100 installs we have not had one service related issue.  Frigidaire has two types of model the F-series which comes with the 10 year unit replacement warranty and the E- series which comes with a 10 year compressor and parts warranty.  Besides the warranty the only difference between the two is the looks. The  F-series has a square bar type grill on top were the E-series has a round traditional wire grill.

This week we installed a E-series heat pump split system.  The new unit was installed on the garage roof and the multi speed air handler was installed in the mechanical room.  Adding the multi speed air handler raised the seer from 14 to 15 seer.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Carrier 14 seer standard install

Last week we had the opportunity to do a install for a lovely customer in Arizona Traditions.  We replaced her old 10 seer Carrier gas split system with a new 14 seer condenser matched with a indoor coil and variable speed furnace.  Having the variable speed furnace installed actually gives this system a 14.5 seer rating.  

Call Frigid air today for a free in home estimate on all Carrier hvac systems and mini splits.

Monday, April 6, 2015


Today we had the chance to install the LG ArtCool ductless mini splits.  We install tons of LG mini splits but we really don't get customers asking for the ArtCool system.  For this type of application it couldn't have been more perfect. The homeowner was a artist who had a art room located in a loft of his house that just could not say cool in the summer.  When we showed him the types of ductless air curtains he could choose from he feel in love with the ArtCool.  We did not take any pictures of the install  but when we were all done the install looked great.  The homeowner said the whole reason he pick the ArtCool was because he could put a picture of his artwork in the air curtain frame.  The ArtCool is different then any other ductless mini split we have ever seen.  Like traditional air curtains the air blows from the front of the system but on the ArtCool system it comes from the sides.  The only bad thing with these systems is that they only come in 9,000 and 12,000 BTU sizes.

• Inverter (Variable-speed compressor on the outdoor unit)
• Customizable art panel
• R-410A Refrigerant
• Self-cleaning indoor coil
• Dehumidifying mode
• Chaos Wind
• Three-way cooling
• Jet Cool/Jet heat
• Cooling mode/Heating/Fan mode
• Auto operation

Friday, March 27, 2015


This year we have had more calls for mini split installs then ever before.  In the past we would do a lot of installs for studio or server rooms in a commercial location.  This year we have had so many people have then installed in there garage to keep there garage cool. We normally install LG mini splits but this week we got a call from a client who purchased a Klimare 17 seer unit and was having a hard time finding a contractor to install.  Typically we will NEVER install HVAC equipment that is purchased from a homeowner or is bought online.  Since it was only a mini split and he was just down the street we decide to take a look at what the install would need and the equipment.

 The homeowner was very nice and told us that he was getting outrages prices to have the system installed. We glanced over the specs on the Klimaire mini split and the wiring was not different than any mini split we have seen.   Usually when we install a mini split its never truly easy.  The condenser is always on the other side of the house or the roof.  The main panel is never close to the outdoor condenser and the building / house is block.  This install was for a custom house with a 1000 sq ft garage. The client wanted to keep his garage cool while he worked on his hot rod. The air curtain was to hang on the center wall and the outdoor condenser  would be located on the back side of the wall.  The best part was the main panel would be right next to the condenser.

The homeowner had 2 old Goodman split systems that looked like they would need to be changed out soon, so we decided to take this install opportunity to grab the client for future installs and repairs. We gave him a great price and he was extremely happy.  Overall the install went smooth. No wiring issues are charging issues.  Total time to install was 2 hrs and the system cooled great.  We did notice that the outdoor Klimaire units are way noisy compared to the LG mini splits.

                                        Here are a few pictures we took from start to finish

                                     Here are some more mini split install the we have done

                                 LG mini split installed in music studio on a custom house

                   Mini split installed in garage to keep customers land rover and Harley


Monday, March 9, 2015

Frigidaire 1Q drive split systems in new construction house

Last week we started a install on a new construction house for a new client.  This install was by far the most fun I have had in the field all year.  The house is around 3,000 sq. ft. and is being satisfied by two split systems.  

Normally when we do new construction we install the ducting and mechanical then come back in a few months when the drywall is up and install the air handlers and condensers.This time we did things a little backwards.The contractor wanted us to install the air handlers first in the framing stage of the house.  He dry walled, trimmed and painted the closet so we could install the air handlers early.   For this project we installed the Frigidaire variable speed air handlers.  These air handlers are really nice and extremely quit.  We have installed thousands of the Trane XL variable speed Hyperion air handlers and the variable speed Frigidaire air handler is by far the better choice. 

Key benefits on why the Frigidaire iQ drive air handler stands out from other brands.


Durable, Attractive Cabinet: Designed using
galvanized steel.The door is also galvanized steel, with
a polyester urethane finish.The 950 hour salt spray finish
resists corrosion 50% better than comparable units.The
plastic drain pan is corrosion-resistant.

•  Multi-poised:Can be used in horizontal, upflow, downflow
         and vertical applications.
• Increased efficiency: Air conditioning efficiency
         up to 24.5 SEER. Heat pump efficiency up to 22 SEER.
•  ECM Variable Speed Motor:Advanced technology allows
         for automatic selection of cooling airflow's and heating
         airflow's to match any application.
• Quiet Blower Operation:Extra quiet and smooth blower
         on and off cycles.
•  Reduced air stratification: This results in improved
         air quality by optimizing humidity removal and filtration
•  Ease-of-Service: Plug-in wire connections and built-in
         filter rack makes the air handler easy to service.
•  Plug-in Heater Kits: Available in 5 kw - 30 kw
•  Air Handler Control Board: Controls time-sequencing
         of heat stages with field-selectable sequence timing.
• Breaker Accessibility: Breaker accessible from front of
         unit when heater is applied.
• No Fasteners on Sides or Back: Smooth surfaces for
         ease of installation.
• Cabinet Insulation: 1" insulation with an R-value of
         4.2 contributes to quiet operation and prevents cabinet
         sweating in difficult applications.
• Designed to meet the requirements 610.2.A.2: Meets
         Florida building code requirements for air leakage.
• Anteater Coil Technology: Copper alloy with zinc
         additives to stop formicary corrosion.