Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Today's maintenance included landscaping and pest control service

Today we did a summer maintenance in Buckeye in the beautiful Verrado community which was nice because it was just a hop and jump down the street from our office.  I logged onto my iPad and looked over the work order.  Homeowner notes says that he has owned the home for 5 years and has never had the systems maintenance.  He also notes that his electrical bills have increased over the years and he changes his filters every 30 days.  So far this maintenance sounds like a normal typical maintenance.  Man was I totally wrong!!  I introduced myself to the homeowner and asked him some typical questions and things were going good until I asked him where the outdoor units were located. He replied back with a loud laugh and said they are on the east side of house and you might need to trim some branches to get to them. I didn't quite understand his response until I opened the gate to the side yard. Trim some branches was an understatement.
I have seen tons of weird things in the field but an A/C unit with a tree growing through and around it was a first. At first glance you can't even tell there are 2 condenser back there.  I went ahead and put some gloves on and spent the next hour or more trimming and pulling weeds.  After the trees and weeds we gone and I had a nice pathway to condenser I was able to wash the outdoor coils that were saturated with leaves.  3 hrs later I was finally done with the maintenance and ready for lunch. The homeowner was amazed that I not only trimmed the tree growing on the unit but that I trimmed all the trees and weeds and put them in the trash.  I reminded him the the condensing unit needs air to breath and can't be covered with trees or weeds.  This was the cause of his increasing electrical bills.
Unit full of spider webs and tons of leaves
Yes that is a scorpion on the coil. One of many I found

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