Saturday, July 30, 2016

Gibson mini splits

We have installed several brands of mini splits from high end LG to cheap Tiyo systems. We get a lot of DYI customers who call and ask if we can come out and help with a mini split install that they tried to install but can't seems to get it running.  What we find out most of the time is the low end Chinese brand usually come empty on charge or have issues with the controllers. We have been a strong supporter of the LG brand. But when our Frigidaire distributor came to us and offered us the Gibson line at a more reasonable price we decided to give them a try. We installed a 22 seer 1.5 ton unit to a guest house and the installation went smoothly.  I like how the air handler has the temperature on the center of the unit.  The LG and several other brands don't have that option. The out door unit was extremely quite and looked nice.  Overall I would give the Gibson unit a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it over the LG and other brands in the market.

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