Friday, March 27, 2015


This year we have had more calls for mini split installs then ever before.  In the past we would do a lot of installs for studio or server rooms in a commercial location.  This year we have had so many people have then installed in there garage to keep there garage cool. We normally install LG mini splits but this week we got a call from a client who purchased a Klimare 17 seer unit and was having a hard time finding a contractor to install.  Typically we will NEVER install HVAC equipment that is purchased from a homeowner or is bought online.  Since it was only a mini split and he was just down the street we decide to take a look at what the install would need and the equipment.

 The homeowner was very nice and told us that he was getting outrages prices to have the system installed. We glanced over the specs on the Klimaire mini split and the wiring was not different than any mini split we have seen.   Usually when we install a mini split its never truly easy.  The condenser is always on the other side of the house or the roof.  The main panel is never close to the outdoor condenser and the building / house is block.  This install was for a custom house with a 1000 sq ft garage. The client wanted to keep his garage cool while he worked on his hot rod. The air curtain was to hang on the center wall and the outdoor condenser  would be located on the back side of the wall.  The best part was the main panel would be right next to the condenser.

The homeowner had 2 old Goodman split systems that looked like they would need to be changed out soon, so we decided to take this install opportunity to grab the client for future installs and repairs. We gave him a great price and he was extremely happy.  Overall the install went smooth. No wiring issues are charging issues.  Total time to install was 2 hrs and the system cooled great.  We did notice that the outdoor Klimaire units are way noisy compared to the LG mini splits.

                                        Here are a few pictures we took from start to finish

                                     Here are some more mini split install the we have done

                                 LG mini split installed in music studio on a custom house

                   Mini split installed in garage to keep customers land rover and Harley


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