Sunday, May 22, 2016

Frigidaire 15 seer E-series heat pump condenser

This year the Frigidaire HVAC brand has been are top seller.  It has a great 10 year warranty and with over 100 installs we have not had one service related issue.  Frigidaire has two types of model the F-series which comes with the 10 year unit replacement warranty and the E- series which comes with a 10 year compressor and parts warranty.  Besides the warranty the only difference between the two is the looks. The  F-series has a square bar type grill on top were the E-series has a round traditional wire grill.

This week we installed a E-series heat pump split system.  The new unit was installed on the garage roof and the multi speed air handler was installed in the mechanical room.  Adding the multi speed air handler raised the seer from 14 to 15 seer.

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