Monday, April 6, 2015


Today we had the chance to install the LG ArtCool ductless mini splits.  We install tons of LG mini splits but we really don't get customers asking for the ArtCool system.  For this type of application it couldn't have been more perfect. The homeowner was a artist who had a art room located in a loft of his house that just could not say cool in the summer.  When we showed him the types of ductless air curtains he could choose from he feel in love with the ArtCool.  We did not take any pictures of the install  but when we were all done the install looked great.  The homeowner said the whole reason he pick the ArtCool was because he could put a picture of his artwork in the air curtain frame.  The ArtCool is different then any other ductless mini split we have ever seen.  Like traditional air curtains the air blows from the front of the system but on the ArtCool system it comes from the sides.  The only bad thing with these systems is that they only come in 9,000 and 12,000 BTU sizes.

• Inverter (Variable-speed compressor on the outdoor unit)
• Customizable art panel
• R-410A Refrigerant
• Self-cleaning indoor coil
• Dehumidifying mode
• Chaos Wind
• Three-way cooling
• Jet Cool/Jet heat
• Cooling mode/Heating/Fan mode
• Auto operation

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