Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance..  This is something that we can not put off in Arizona with the high heat and the dust storm. Having you system maintenance will help the overall performance of the system and extend the life of the equipment.  We did a maintenance for a new customer is Scottsdale today that had a new unit installed 2 years ago.  They have never had the system maintenance because they thought that since it was still new that it would work efficiently.  We here this a lot in are day, and  I could see why they might think that.  It's  mainly because the HVAC installed did not inform the homeowners about preventive maintenance.   You air conditioning system is just like a car.  If you don't change the oil, then the car will not run properly and eventually break down leading to more costly issues. The same applies to the HVAC system. 

This unit was extremely dirty for its age, but with the high dust storms and flashing flooding Scottsdale has had this year it does not surprise  me.  We take time on every maintenance that we preform.  The average time should be around 45min-1hr  to do a proper maintenance on a complete system.  If a company say's they can preform one in 15-30 min then they are not preforming a complete maintenance and making sure everything is functioning efficiently.  The 3 most common things we find on service calls are dirty filters, dirty coils and clogged drain lines. All which can be prevented by having the system maintenance yearly 

We have started to see a lot of new HVAC products and cleans that are Eco-friendly.  Today we tried Green Select by Nu-Calgon.  I have to say I love the stuff.  It worked great and made the coils clean and bright.  Green Select is biodegradable and will not harm plants are animals. For me the best part is that it's non toxic and does not foam up.  Most cleaners are  harmful to breath in and burn if you got it on you skin.  The foaming was a pain to. Once you cleaned the foam off the coil it would get all over the cement, wash of into the plants are the dog would want to drink it.  Green select will be defiantly use on every maintenance we preform.  

Here is a final picture of the unit cleaned.  We also did a cleaning and checked the inside air handler.  A tip that we let are customers know, is that if you are outside watering are next to your air conditioning unit don't be afraid to wash the sides  in an up and down motion.  This will remove all the dirt stuck to the coil and let the coil breath better. Another thing is filters.  Change your filters every 30 days a clogged filter will make you system work twice as hard and will lead to major issues.   

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