Monday, September 10, 2012


At last we finished the 8,200 sq ft custom house in North Scottsdale.  Yaa!!  This has been a long process starting with underground return duct and all new hard pipe supply duct.   The best part about this install was installing the new TAM8 communicating air handler with the XL20i heat pump.  I love the TAM8 air handler they are so easy to install and the wiring is easy to set up.  The TAM7 is a good air handler to.  The only difference is that the TAM8 is communicating and the TAM7 is non communicating.  Other than that, there is no difference.   We installed the new XL950 thermostat with the TAM8's and man do they look nice. There are so many features on the XL950 thermostat.  We went over the top and set the thermostats up to call the office if there ever is a service issue.

 Here is some key benefits about the TAM7 and TAM8 air handlers.

1- Unique Cabinet Design- Tough, double-wall construction with enclosed foam insulation.  The cabinet is designed so less moisture and fewer dust particles are drawn in for garage,attics or crawl spaces.

2- All- Aluminum coil-  More durable than conventional copper coils and has a longer life span.

3- Variable Speed Motor with Comfort-R Technology-Reduces operating noise while eliminating hot and cold spots.  Regulates humidity for your comfort.  Love this feature.

4- Electronic Expansion Valve Metering Device-  Based on Tranes testing, this expansion valve is 400% more reliable than the standard expansion valves found in most air handlers.

5- No Leak Drain Pan- Made from rust resistant composites and built with a gradual slop. The drain pan is by far the best on today's market.

These two air handlers were located in the garage

Those were just a few benefits that the TAM7 and TAM8 offer.  For more information about the product click the Trane air handler link on the side of the blog.  Now on to the XL20i heat pump condensers.  These systems are fantastic.  We have had homeowners tell us there electricity bill drop  $200-$300 dollars a month with the new XL20i installed.  That seems hard to believe, but hey it could be true.  The XL20i is a dual compressor system. A dual compressor works by using a smaller compressor that will operate most of the time for maximum efficiency,handing of to the large compressor when extra cooling is needed.  The XL20i also has a comfort control board and charge assist.  The charge assist is a cool feature for the installers or service tech, it basically charges the system to a proper charge eliminating overcharging or over charging the system.   FYI most companies will say the XL20 is a 20 seer system when matched with a correct air handler.  This my friends is false.  The 2 ton will actually give you a higher seer rating than 20, but the 5 ton will only give you a 19.0 seer with a HSPF of 9.0.

                                                          Just a few pictures of the install

XL20i communicating heat pump condenser

We like to add returns in every room on a custom build.  

Hard pipe in attic with foil liner

Doesn't look like 8,200 sq ft from the front, but there is a tri-level basement.

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