Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today my techs and I installed the Trane Schlage link thermostat to my house.  We have had nothing but great reviews from customers that had them installed.  These thermostats can be controlled for a mobile phone app or from your Ipad/computer.  The Schlage link themostat is 7 day programmable and also has a cool feature that shows you your weekly cooling/heating run time hours.  The thermostat comes with 1 bridge that hooks up to your internet- 1 power switch, which means you can turn a switch on and off from your Ipad/computer, and 1 wireless camera.  Are customers love the camera feature.  Some tell us they use them to watch there pets from work and some say they use them to see who's at there door.  For my house we installed 4 wireless cameras and 1 light switch.  We installed 1 camera at the front door, 1 camera that shows the kitchen, 1 camera in the back yard and 1 camera in the garage.  I chose the garage because I all ways think I leave it open and end up turn around just to check. 

Trane's Schlage link thermostat

This is one of the many features on the thermostat.  This shows my weekly cooling usage.  Saturday it shows that my system ran for a total of 15 hours.  

This is what the  Schlage link wireless camera looks like.  The wireless cameras can be mounted on the ceiling or it can mount on a base.  They have a swivel head so you can point them at any direction.

This is a view from 1 of the cameras.  It is mounted in the ceiling inside my house and points out the glass on my door.  

This is a view of a camera mounted in the ceiling.  It shows a view of the kitchen and family room

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