Monday, January 13, 2014

When was the last time you had your system maintenance? This homeowner told us 5 years and we believe him!

Today we got a phone call from a new customers that wanted a maintenance done on 2 heat pump split systems.  They let us know over the phone that the systems have never been maintenance and might need to be cleaned.  The pictures below show what can happen if you don't have your systems check at least once every year. 

We got to the house and did a quick walk-through.  As we were walking up the stairs we noticed that the outside of the return grill was covered in dust.  As we opened the return grill we were amazed to see how bad the filters were.  

We asked the homeowner when the last time he changed the filters were and he said, I never new there were filters in that grill. We ask him when they moved in the house and he replied, 5 years.  WOW 5 years.  We asked how much his a/c bill was in the summer and he said $675.  Again WOW.  This homeowner's bill in the summer should be no more than $400.  

 After replacing the filters we decided to go outback to see were the condensers were.  As we turned the corner I was stunned at what I saw.  Yes there are 2 condenser next to me. The homeowner said he didn't like the way the condensers looked and that the weeds make the systems less noisy. For a minute we though he was series, but he laughed and said he was just lazy.

 3 hrs later we were finally done with the maintenance.  We changed the filters in the house, cleaned all the weeds away from the condensers, cleaned both indoor and outdoor coils that were covered with hardened dust and checked system operation.  The homeowner was amazed on how much air was coming out of the registers.  The homeowner can finally be comfortable in the house and start saving money on there a/c bills

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