Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Trane ductless systems are ideal for spaces that are not part of the central heating or cooling system.  With a Trane ductless system you have the ability to customize your system to provide efficient,  reliable, heating or cooling zones for any room in your home.

Here is a Trane 18 seer mini split install that we did for a customer that wanted to keep his garage cool.

The Trane indoor unit is very clean and easy to mount.  The air curtains can be adjusted to different movable settings.  

The Trane mini split condenser is super quite and at 18 seer it will cost very little to operate.


  • Quiet design

    Specially designed air vents efficiently reduce operating sound to provide quiet comfort.
  • Turbo function

    Provides temporary high-speed operation to reach your desired temperature quickly.
  • Sleep mode function

    Based on a set sleeping time, the temperature can automatically rise or fall to maintain comfort in the room while you sleep, saving energy in the process.
  • Auto clean

    The fan runs when the unit is stopped to prevent bacteria from forming. The unique catechin filter made from an additive abstracted from natural green tea provides long-lasting sterilization and removes up to 95% of potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Anti-cold design

    Air is pre-heated during heating operation to prevent blowing cold air directly to the room.
  • Timer

    You set the time for the unit to operate automatically when you want.
  • Wireless remote control

    Each indoor air unit comes with its own wireless remote control so you can easily control your system from anywhere in the room. The "I feel" function enables the system to sense temperature at the remote control, rather than a thermostat.
  • Memory function

    In case of power loss, the system will restart in the previous operation mode without the need to reset the system.


  • Durable exterior

    New, strong hot-dip galvanized steel grill prevents damage and has no negative effect on airflow.
  • Intelligent defrost

    Automatic defrosting improves the system’s heating efficiency and helps you save power.
  • Blue fin durability

    Special anti-corrosion treatment increases durability and ensures continued efficiency.
  • Twin rotary DC compressor

    The brushless compressor provides better balance, lower power consumption and higher efficiency.
  • Compressor protection

    The compressor stops or delays operation if conflicts arise.

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